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Cumbria in Bloom Gold Award 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019. Silver Gilt 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018. Silver 2010 (it was our first attempt)


About Kirkoswald Environmental Group                                  

You will find local information, information about Kirkoswald's entry into Royal Horticultural Society Cumbria in Bloom Competition and the National Britain in Bloom competition.

There is also information about Kirkoswald Parish Council and Kirkoswald Environmental Group.

Kirkoswald means the Church (Kirk) of Saint Oswald. Kirkoswald is about nine miles to the North East of Penrith. It is a small but vibrant village in the Eden Valley. The River Eden runs north from south of Kirkby Stephen to eventually join the Solway Firth.The valley is crisscrossed by a number of smaller roads as well as the M6, the A6 and the Carlisle to Settle Railway.

The village is approached by a narrow road that crosses the Eden by way of an impressive Georgian sandstone bridge.Traffic lights have been installed in recent years as a response to local concerns. The road sweeps up from the river passing the church and the College with its imposing gateway and walls.

The village itself is built up a quite steep hill with houses lining the roads to Brampton and Armathwaite. A lot of the older buildings are based around a cobbled square. K’o, as it is known locally, used to be a very important market town holding regular hiring fairs. It has the remains of Kirkoswald Castle and the term College refers to the training of priests. The importance of K’o declined after the railway came to neighbouring Lazonby. The Raven Beck flows through the village and gives its name to the shop, roads, houses, and the community magazine.

Covid 19 and gardening

Spring 2020:

Cumbria in Bloom and our entry into the RHS National Britain in Bloom are postponed for one year for obvious reasons.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the good weather and lots are gardening. I know our allotment and garden are further on and tidier than ever before at this early in the season.

Remember that Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove said that it was not just allowed but people are encouraged to take exercise on their allotments. In the months to come really fresh organically grown vegetables with lots of fresh flavour, great nutrients and vitamins will play a part in improving our general heath and disease resistance.

All allotmenteers observe social distancing.

If you have not tried at home before why not try growing a few vegetables at home. Discount stores sell both food, DiY and gardening stuff so you can still buy seeds and compost. potatoes can be grown in containers or even compost bags. Look on the Internet for helpful tips on techniques. If you cannot buy seed potatoes (a bit late in the season now) try putting some nbought spuds on a window bottom. They should chit because of the time of year. When sprouts are 1cm long you can plant them.

Gardening and growing things are great forms of exercise and also great for mental well being. Whilst you are gardening you are thinking about what you are doing and not worrying about other things

I hope this year that Kirkoswald looks even better than the five years when we were awarded Gold by Cumbria in Bloom. It does not matter if there is no judging this year. That decision is to keep us and the judges safe. The real reason for entering the competition is to take pride in our wonderful village, its wonderful community and all enjoy looking at and taking about how beautiful it is.

Autumn 2020

Kirkoswald does indeed look great again this year. Well done everyone. I think everyone has enjoyed the outdoors and gardening this year. The allotments were a safe place to work, take exercise, grow wonderful organic tasty food and meet and chat to people at a safe distance. We are all very very lucky to live where we do. People are sensible, safe, considerate and kind to each other. community spirit is alive and well here.

Keep safe


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